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Grooming Rescue Dogs

Rescues do a wonderful job of taking on dogs that find themselves looking for new homes. Sometimes these dogs are in desperate need of a bath and groom whilst others could just do with a spruce up. Being a subject close to my heart I offer to dogs who are being fostered for any rescue locally a free grooming session.

Oldies Club - (
Oldies Club is a dog rescue, run solely by volunteers, that specialises in rescuing and rehoming older dogs - aged 7 years plus. I am on the committee for Oldies Club and have been fortunate to groom three of the many dogs that have come into the rescue's care. Guinness and Scooter's photos can be seen in the gallery section of my website.

Snoopy being groomed in the comfort of his foster home

Four Paws Animal Rescue (http://www.fourpawsanimalrescue.org.uk/)
Four Paws is another wonderful rescue where I infact adopted my own dog from. As well as taking in hand ins the rescue also works hard with a local pound which unfortunately had a put to sleep policy. They work hard to move as many of the dogs into their care or into the care of other rescues.

One poundie was Dotty an older spaniel girl. Abandoned in a supermarket car park and doing her time in the pound, her sad photos pulled at everyone's heart strings.  She arrived here on the Saturday morning for her grooming session and the state of her coat was shocking. Her chest, underside and her ears were just giant matts. It took three hours to sort her out but it was worth it. Throughout she was such a sweet gentle girl. Dotty has now found a new home with Gwen another Four Paws dog I have groomed.

Dotty Before & After Grooming

Hope Rescue - (http://www.hoperescue.org.uk/)

Hope Rescue is not a rescue in the conventional sense. They are primarily a co-ordinating rescue and most of their work involves moving dogs from put to sleep or emergency situations. They secure rescue spaces for these dogs with reputable rescues. They will also transport them to the rescue and cover many thousands of miles every month.

Hope also deals with hand-ins and some of these dogs are kept in Hope Rescue care. Snowy is a 5 year old West Highland White Terrier who is currently looking for his forever home.  He came in with a flea allergy and had to have his back end shaved. This has all nicely healed and the hair grown back so I offered to help spruce him up. Hes such a cute little boy.

Snowy Westie being groomed in his foster home

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