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Waggy Tails is a mobile grooming service based in Cardiff, South Wales. Waggy Tails specialises and caters for the bathing and clipping needs of small to medium sized dogs in the comfort of their own home in the local area.

The service I provide suits a range of different people, and their pets, for different reasons.

For my older clients and for those who do not drive, it is much more convenient for them to have a groomer come to their house for an appointment than for them to have to travel to a grooming parlour. Especially when this means they need to drop the dog off and return an hour or so later to pick them up again once they are ready.

For my working clients having the opportunity to have their dog groomed in the evening or at the weekend is more convenient than just during the standard office hours where they would need to take time off to make appointments.

For puppies, nervous or older dogs being groomed in their own home makes them feel more safe and comfortable than in the strange environment of a grooming parlour.

Dogs are brushed, bathed and if required clipped in the comfort of their own home. I bring my towels and equipment with me. All I ask of my clients is a space for me to set up my table close to a power socket and for me to be able to use their sink/shower/bath to bathe their dog.

The dogs I tend to groom are pets, not show dogs and I understand that not all pet owners wish their dogs to receive their breed standard cut. I listen to my clients and if they wish to have for example:- the skirt and furnishings removed or a smaller, clipped head that isn't a problem. The comfort of the dog and my clients wishes are the most important part of the grooming process.

I am a fully insured groomer and I run a friendly service where your dog is treated like one of my own. Throughout the grooming process the dog is handled carefully and spoken to in calm, soothing tones.

I offer evening and weekend appointments only.

I offer reasonable rates.

Please note I am not a mobile dogwash and do not do my grooming in a van.

Rod - groomed by Waggy Tails
Photo courtesy of Damon Cannard Photography

Phone:- 07544709181 Email:- waggy-tails@hotmail.com